Fishing Log: Entry 2

July 8, 2010

July 5, 2010

Location: Laurelbrooke in Brentwood

Conditions: Some cloud cover, feels good though. Sun is going down

Rigs: Float Rig for catfish with some funky new berkley liver things & ultralight spinning set up for bass

7:41- Arrive at the furthermost pond of Laurelbrooke.

(a lot of history here with our fishing crew… in this small pond lurks a monstrous bass that Ross got to the bank then slipped away as quickly as it arrived. We return in hopes of landing it once more….)

7:48- First bite on the catfish pole, evaded capture. The catfish drought of 2010 continues…

7:57- Catch decent largemouth bass on pink fluke

8:04-8:08- Questioned by Laurelbrooke security whether or not we know anybody that actually lives in the neighborhood. They had received complaints that obviously came from the woman who stared us down and asked if we lived there several minutes before.

8:27- Gregory arrives and the fear of being kicked out of Laurelbrooke is now a thing of the past.

8:52- Ross catches a bass on a pink fluke. (note: his bass was much smaller than mine)

9:15- The crew concludes that this spot is done for the night and we decide to continue fishing at our spot on Highway 100.

9:17- My truck won’t start

9:31- Meet Gregory’s family while getting the jumper cables from his house.

9:36-9:50- Try jumping my car first with Gregory’s SUV then with Ross’s truck. Nothing is working. I am getting nervous.

9:52- Due to the fact I am parked on a hill I will attempt the infamous bump start.

I got a good push from my fishing comrades and popped the clutch and the engine roared to life and with a wave of thanks and a sigh of relief I am on the road again. On the road to spend 90 dollars on a new battery.

From here on out I will parkexclusively on hills.


Fishing Log: Entry 1

July 6, 2010

I haven’t really known in which direction to take this blog, as those of you who have read my previous two posts may have noticed…

So I decided to keep a log of my fishing trips from here on. I write down “significant” happenings during the trip in a little notebook then move them here.

Let’s see how this works out.

July 2, 2010

Location: Old Hickory Dam                Conditions: clear sky, calm water

Rigs: Bottom Rig with chicken liver and Top Rig with shad

8:12- Leave Ross’s for the dam

8:13- Return to Ross’s. He seems to have forgotten something.

8:24- Gregory and Ross argue about frivolous things in the front seat

8:50- We are now back on the road after the worst stop at Dicks sporting goods in the history of Dicks sporting goods.             It seems my fishing traditions have fallen by the wayside tonight. I have forgotten my catfish hat, and Dicks didn’t have beef jerky or sundrop. Had to settle for kit kats and mountain dew.

8:57- The car is in agreement that we like catfish and the act of catching them.

9:30- Finally in the water.

10:04- the people to the right of us are getting tickets for not having their fishing licenses. They are also the only folks around us that have caught any fish, which they are now being forced to release.

10:18- The fine folks at the T.W.R.A ask for our licenses. Cool dudes. I think I want a job at the T.W.R.A now.

10:52- Got 2 bites in quick succession, both got away

10:53- Gregory is getting antsy which in turn is making us all antsy

10:57- I had a fish on my line, got it near shore and it got away. Something strange is going on.

11:38- Ross and I tried out my new cast net. Got no fish with it. Got pretty wet.

11:51- Hear a duck’s mating call. have confused feelings….. just kidding. the fishing is slow and I am beginning to become bored and frustrated.

12:05- As I was casting my main rod back out, the hook went through the top ring of my other fishing pole. As I cast with all my might, not knowing what has happened, I hear a splash and feel a strong tug on my line. It seems that I have inadvertently casted out second fishing pole with my first fishing pole.

Luckily it stayed hooked and I was able to reel it back in. This is the third time I’ve caught a fishing pole. The first time I’ve caught my own fishing pole.

12:50- Leave the dam empty handed.

1:00- Conversation has thinned in the car. Speaking has ceased.

Stay tuned for the next installment.

Or don’t. It’s your call.


June 22, 2010

You know what pisses me off?

Well a lot of things, but one thing right now is televisions that require multiple remotes to use. I mean come on. That sucks. Am I right folks?!

yeah this blog kinda sucks. I’m tryin to get back in the blogging saddle again.

But wait…was I ever in the blogging saddle in the first place?

I guess I’m trying to get in the blogging saddle for the first time.

Damn, I am annoying myself with all this saddle talk. Really I never use that expression.

its whatever.

peace out world.

Hello world!

April 12, 2010

Hello World

Today marks the kick off of one of the best times of the year. Wife Beater season.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term, the kind of wife-beater I’m referring to isn’t the crazed drunken lunatics that harm their sweet wives. I am of course referring to the tank top looking article of clothing, also known as an A-Shirt. The wife beater is considered by some to be the most comfortable piece of clothing without just not having a shirt on at all. Others view them as trashy. Maybe thats true. But who really cares am I right? Not me.

But anyways I’m writing today to tell you how to know when wife beater season has begun and how best to celebrate. After a day of hanging out on the front porch and front yard I now have a great “beater burn” (for the readers who are unaware, a beater burn is the sunburn pattern around a beater, come on you couldn’t figure that out? ingorance…). Once you, a loved one, a colleague, a stranger, etc. has been spotted with a beater burn you know for certain that wife beater season has begun. The best activity to take part in is wearing your wife beater everywhere. Especially in situations where its not the norm. Like to restaurants and stuff. The goal of wife beater season is to have such a good wife-beater tan line that when you go shirtless it looks like you are still wearing the beater.

take pride in your trashiness! or don’t. its your call.

also, I probably won’t be writing any more about clothes and stuff so if your expecting a bunch more fashion stuff just soak this one in.